The Novice

that is the colour of my eyes
in the morning.

deep gray at night.

when i think
i know well this world---

what the trees pray in december---
what the earth buries under---

the colours suddenly change.

like hot blue in summer days.
like plain gray on a rainy day.


this morning
my eyes are blue again.

blue as in lapis lazuli.

my whole is peeping
through a window like a bird

virgin at knowing
when the deepest shade of gray

will arrive.

- ksm / 2015


  1. Glad it turned back again Kelvin! Shades of gray will come. Nicely! Not seeing you lately!


  2. How those colors suddenly change ~ Its been gray winter here but looking forward to spring again ~ Love that trees praying in December ~

    Hey, its been some time Kelvin ~ Hope you are well kababayan ~

  3. So very glad to see you, Kelvin....yes, the colors do often change - from one time of the day to another, from one month to another, from one part of life to another. Gray to blue and sometimes back to gray again.I like the idea of 'peeping through a window like a bird.' You had been missed, Kelvin!! Your appearance made my day!

  4. kelvin!!!!!!! i missed you my friend....i hope you are doing well...
    the colors can change pretty quick...just like the seasons...winter seems to be the hardest as well...because the shadows get pretty deep....

  5. hey kelvin!!
    really good to see you...
    i would love to listen to the tree's prayer in a bleak december forest - oh i bet we could learn a lot from them

  6. I love the metaphorical use of blue and gray in your poem, Kelvin. It made me think of the sky. Sometimes when the sky has been gray for what seems too long, it is comforting to remember blue days will come.

  7. Good to see your writings once again! Beautiful!

  8. I like this! Beautiful work, Kelvin.

    It's really nice to see you back. :-)


Thanks for the kind words!

- kelvin s.m.