About the Poet / Bystander

Baguio City, 2012
Kelvin S(ulit) M(angundayao) is a poet blogger & hobbyist photographer from the Philippines. He is an accountant by profession, & a self-starter entrepreneur.

He started writing poems at age 15 when he was introduced to the Haiku form, and Sonnets by the Brownings and Shakespeare.

When he is not writing he enjoys: the company of the forest, chirping of birds, dancing of the clouds, hunting book sales, laughter of a friend, & photographing random poetic concepts.

   The Secret Poem
         by Kelvin S.M. / 2011

    Listen, for I will tell thee about a secret
    I kept in the wind.

    I am a poet. Dost thou believe?---
    yes, I am.

    I am the killer of all hidden words,
    the digger of the deepest thoughts.

    I am the weaver of all broken souls,
    the stealer of the past,

    the healer of the present,
    the ghost of the coming years.

    I am a poet---yes, I, truly, am---
    ask the wind.

    I write when there is none that writes.
    I laugh when there is none that laughs.
    I weep when there is none that weeps.
    I sleep when there is none that sleeps.
    I live when there is none that lives---

    because I am a poet, dost thou believe? 
    and this is my secret, perhaps,
    the wind will tell thee soon.

    My life is like that of a bird hidden
    in the deep forest---

    I will die, but there is none that knows.