Project Extinction

There is a room of only black and white.
Clean and cold and still.

It is so clear.
There is crime taking over.

The guilty me and the guilty you
are in this together---

the geniuses in 'making' and 'breaking'---
the scientists of great extinction.

Between silences, who can tell where
polar carnivores breathe

their antique sorrows today.

- ksm / 2015

Inspiration: "Contours of Silence" by Jean de Pomereu


  1. sad reality when it comes to our ECOnomics,
    one decision affects another, affects our world,
    affects the environment, affects a species...and
    every day we kill more...

    but gas is cheaper...


  2. It is sad to think of the number of animals who are on the verge of extinction because of humankind's poor decisions. When will we ever learn?

  3. yes so sad how many species are becoming extinct ... even bees are in danger killed by heavy use of pesticide ~ let's hope for a solution! :)

  4. Yes, we are all responsible for this disaster, at least to a certain extent. I like the efficient way in which you ended your poem, Kelvin.

  5. The great extinction we are still blind too or just don't care about. And sadly we will be a large part of that extinction....

  6. So sad with extinction and yes we are humans and have the responsibilities - you always manage to say it all in so very few words.

  7. Oh dear, I fear you are correct. But you say so in beautiful words and phrases, as ever.

  8. the last line holds so much sorrow. yet you say it beautifully.

  9. So many cultures & animals are extinct because of us ~ Yes we are guilty of driving them to extinction ~

  10. Kelvin, I am so pleased to see you. This is a wonderful poem! I love your whole blog and went about seeing each part of it. As I said good to see you!

  11. without being harnessed... there's bad in all of us... loved the contrast in these lines

  12. Oh those closing lines, my friend. You bring the point home so clearly.Polar bears, whales, trees all "breathing their sorrow." As do I for the mess we've made.

  13. antique/today WOW!
    Did we know when we entered that room that it would come to this?
    I hope they breathe between silences. We do.

  14. This pierces my heart. Sad to know that I am in that room and helped create it.

  15. I loved the way you ended your write, each word is sadly true and we aren't doing anything to put an end to this mess that we have created.

  16. Oh I loved these couplets Kelvin! Beautifully done!

  17. sad to say Kelvin, the burden of responsibility, we must all bear

    much love...

  18. it's sad to see how our greed harms nature in an unrepearable way... guilty me and guilty you..indeed....ugh.. wish we could rethink and change things but probably we're beyond that point already

  19. We are all guilty of not wanting to think too much to change the setting. One goes along hoping things will solve itself. Sad though! Thoughtful write Kelvin!



Thanks for the kind words!

- kelvin s.m.