You fit into me
Musée des Beaux Arts,

pied beauty
traveling through the dark.

Sudden journey
acquainted with the night,

delight in disorder.

A noiseless patient spider,
in a station of the Metro,

God's grandeur;

Life cycle of common man
living in sin.

- ksm / 2015

This is a Cento made from the titles of random poems by Marianne Moore (Poetry, 1921), Margaret Atwood (You Fit into Me, 1971), W.H. Auden (Musée des Beaux Arts / Museum of Fine Arts, 1940), Gerard Manley Hopkins (Pied Beauty and God's Grandeur, 1877), William Stafford (Traveling Through the Dark, 1962), Tess Gallagher (Sudden Journey, 1984), Robert Frost (Acquainted with the Night, 1928), Seamus Heaney (Digging, 1966), Robert Herrick (Delight in Disorder, 1648), Walt Whitman (A Noiseless Patient Spider, 1881), Ezra Pound (In a Station of the Metro, 1916), Sylvia Plath (Metaphors, 1960), Howard Nemerov (Life Cycle of Common Man, 1960), and Adrienne Rich (Living in Sin, 1955).


  1. love your collage poem Kelvin...

  2. what a wonderful way to compose a poem and so magical..those spiders crossing between real and imagined...patiently waiting

  3. I played with the lines and found the first and last "You fit into me...Living in sin" which gave me a chuckle.

  4. What an interesting composition of couplets!

    'A noiseless patient spider,
    in a station of the Metro,'

    I can see this creepy critter, standing absolutely still, being very patient, letting the swarming crowds scurry about the station, to make his move, until the next bunch invade the place!


    Thanks for sharing, K.S.M.


  5. Yes, I've read about this form, so interesting to draw inspiration from classic poets and compose a brand new poem from their lines ~ well put together! :)

  6. What a clever poem you have shared this morning, Kelvin. The titles worked very well together to make a complete piece. It drew me in from the beginning, and it intensified until the very end.

  7. what fun... lovely patchwork... now I want to try... how big was that spider

  8. Very creative and unique collage ~ It's been some time since I wrote one ~

    Thanks for sharing Kelvin ~

    Happy weekend ~

  9. Kelvin, it's been a while... As ever I admire your careful precision and ambition too. Your voice is securely your own, which is probably for rarer than you imagine... Every thing sparkles and works here... A treat! With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  10. ah that is very cool... poem titles surely make for an inspirational scafold for a poem... happy weekend mr. kelvin...smiles

  11. Oh I love this Kelvin.. so utterly creative to use those titles.. the spiders really makes me want to look behind my back next time I will be travelling...

  12. Oh this worked so well Kelvin--love this idea--and its execution--

  13. Very interesting and very good work.

  14. Oh this is interesting.....titles creating a poem! I especially love "pied beauty".

  15. Something I had not seen before...a collage of poems...I liked this! Very creative.

  16. interesting form Kevin.
    the placing of each title doesn't seem forced at all as each is integral to the poem.
    well we are living in sins ...

  17. I like the title and how all the quotes fit in perfectly in your poem Nice.

  18. Clever stuff Kelvin.
    Still love your face! (Don't know whether you remember me mentioning that ? years ago.)
    Anna :o]

  19. This is a very interesting form. Very creative! I liked it. " Sudden journey acquainted with the night', awesome lines!

  20. How a spider can tell life's journey in man! To think you managed to beautifully weave them all from the various titles is brilliant. Great poetic lingo Kelvin!


  21. Well done. Great choices,


  22. "digging delight in disorder"--love the alliteration here, but also the idea of this juxtapositional thought.

  23. This is spectacular - each stanza unique and a bit startling.

  24. The poem looks beautiful... Though speaks abity bitter reality..
    Loved the closing lines -
    "Life cycle of common man
    living in sin."

  25. hey i remember the noiseless patient spider...smiles...
    an interesting swarm of life in this...the last couple lines,
    the life cycle of man...and our ever falling into sin...
    cool cento man...


Thanks for the kind words!

- kelvin s.m.